Online Safety

There are many resources describing how to keep your children safe online. Below are important facts about internet safety as well as additional resources.


Internet Safety:

- Keep the computer in an area that is often used by the family (i.e. family room, dining room, living room).

- Communicate with your child(ren).

- Reinforce the importance of not sharing personal information with others.

- Set up clear rules regarding use of the internet.

- Discuss the dangers of e-mail and chat rooms.

- Be aware of the sites your child(ren) are searching.

- Use filters or use the computer with your child(ren).

- Be alert and aware of warning signs that your child is bullying others or being bullied online.

- Document all information regarding bullying incidents and contact proper individuals.

Additional Resources:

Article from the American School Counseling Association

Cyber bullying informational sheet - National Center for Missising and Exploited Children - Federal Trade Commission - Internet Keep Safe Coalition - National Crime Prevention Council - National Cyber Security Alliance - trained teens and preteens that promote internet safety - ability to decode chat/text messages