Study Skills

Studying is something that your child should know a lot about by now, but do they know the best way for them to study? As students progress through middle school, the material they are learning builds on prior knowledge and can become more difficult. Maintaining proper studying habits can help a student in retaining and understanding this material. Here are three quick tips to help your student achieve.

1. Be active - Help your child to use all of their senses (hearing, touching, & seeing) while they are studying. The more senses that are used, the more likely the material will be retained. Everyone has a preferential learning style and your child’s may not be the same as your own. There are many quizzes that educate individuals on their dominant learning style. What type of learner are you?

2. Make choices - Help your child determine when, where, and how to study based on their dominant learning style. Do they focus better in their room with the door open or closed? Are they more productive if they have a study buddy? Do they concentrate better on work before or after dinner? Are they inspired or distracted by music?

3. Stay on course - Make sure you sit down with your child and go over the agenda. Discuss assignments with your child, especially projects. You may also want to help your child develop a study schedule. They can block out a certain amount of time for each subject to get their work done. Sometimes a little extra organization is all they need to better achieve!  

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