All About Me

All About Ms. Rowland!!! 

I am currently a student teacher at UNT, but I graduate in May 2009! I can’t wait to begin my teaching career and look forward to working for the Sugarland or Pearland ISD. I will be graduating with my bachelors in both child development and elementary education through fourth grade. However, I will also be receiving my certification for special education in early elementary through twelfth grade. I have not yet decided if I prefer working in the general education classroom or the special education classroom, but I believe I will have made that decision by the time I finish my degree and graduate.  

My favorite subject in school is science because you get to discover so many things and do fun experiments. I hope to bring my enthusiasm into the classroom and get kids to love science just as much as I do. I also love hands on learning and so I can’t wait for me and my students get to start getting our hands dirty! My least favorite subject is language arts because there are so many rules to remember about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. However, I have lots of fun learning games that will help me and my students remember all those rules and learn to love language arts! 

My family consists of my mom, my dad, my brother, and my sister. My dad works as a chemical engineer making plastics like bumpers for your car and the soles of your shoes. My mom is a nurse and works in an emergency room where she saves the lives of people's loved ones. She loves her job and is going back to school to learn more so that she can start to teach other people how to be a nurse. My older brother just graduated from the University of Austin with his PhD and is working as an engineer making new science equipment that will help researchers to get better results. My little sister is still in high school in Houston, but has big dreams to be a marine biologist when she grows up! 

Right now my favorite hobby is long distance bike riding because I get to relax while I ride. For me it is just a time to sit back and think about life and what it going on right now.  Every year I participate is a great fundraiser called the MS 150 to support my family and friends that currently have multiple sclerosis. Check out this link for more information on this great cause! I also love to be outdoors and camp or hike during my free time. Last year I traveled to Utah for a week of canoeing, hiking, and backpacking! I can’t wait to start planning my trip for this summer to New Mexico for a whole new adventure.