My Teaching Philosophy

I Believe... 


All students are able to learn and be successful on their own level and should not be compared to other students. It is the teacher’s job to find out what works best for each student as an individual and to make sure they excel to the best of their abilities.


No two students are the same and must be treated as individuals at all times. Students learn differently and have strengths and weaknesses that differ from other students in the class. It is the job of the teacher to make sure to use multiple teaching methods to reach each of the five learning styles.


That when kids feel they have failed then the teacher has failed. It is our job to ensure that students feel confident in their abilities and understand that they should be proud of their work. As a teacher it is our job to ensure that we develop a classroom environment that promotes collaboration and empathy. Students should be comfortable contributing to the class without fear of being ridiculed.


Every child has a voice and should learn to use it. Part of our job as teachers is giving students the tools needed to be adults that can function and participate in society. This means teaching them about speaking out for themselves and for causes they believe in.


That students should have the ability to get involved in the community beyond the classroom. As teachers it is our job to ensure students well being both inside and outside the classroom. I believe it is our job to teach them about the world and what they will find when they step outside the school building.