What My Students Think

Kevin Ohashi Lopez

  • Ms. Burgess is one of the many human beings on the this planet that defines what a true teacher is. I had the honor of being her student when she was first starting in my district, and new teachers usually get the more... challenging classes. She kept her cool every time students would get out of hand and calmly handled the situations as a good teacher should. She taught by the book, but let the students express themselves through the writings. When I think of Ms. Burgess, I think of a teacher with heart. A good teacher is one who teaches from the heart, and I think that's when students will fully understand what they're learning. And she's just that. I truly felt that she wanted students to learn, to stay in school, that way they can become something great when they get older and hit the real world.

Chrissy Jones

  • You are one of the sweetest teachers I've ever had. Kind and flexible. Also understanding. plus you know your stuff. it just sucked that you were teaching in Vallejo where most students don't appreciate teachers that aren't stuck up. Shoot Vallejo students don't appreciate much of anything for that matter


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