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Spanish Syllabus


 Sr. Lebron       Rm: 102Planning Hour: 5th 875-3373 ext. 1102   COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course is designed to help each student attain an acceptable degree of proficiency in the four key skills of a foreign language: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening.  It will also present the language within the context of the contemporary Spanish-speaking world and its culture.  This program is based on the belief that the purpose of learning Spanish is to communicate with the people who speak it and to understand their culture.              Students will learn to communicate using many themes including: friendship, school, sports, food, family, clothing, leisure and vacation, home, health, community, movies and TV, restaurants, the environment, parties, and ethnic celebrations. Different innovative methods, techniques, and instructional materials will be used to attain the objectives of this course.   COURSE TEXT AND MULTIMEDIA: ¡Avancemos!  Instructional  materials by McDougal Littell             Textbook            Cuaderno Workbook            Audio Compact Disk and Interactive DVD-ROM Program            ¡Avancemos! Video Program            Films, speakers, other materials and activities relevant to the material will be used.       GENERAL CLASSROOM PROCEDURES

1.      It is expected that each student will be seated and ready to learn when the bell rings.

There will be a warm-up every day which we will begin class with.  This is an opportunity to practice what we are learning and test yourself to see what areas you may need to work on.  We will correct this warm-up together to clarify any uncertainties and continue with our lesson.

2.      Bring your textbook, your three ring binder, a pencil, and any assignments that are to be turned in to class every day.

3.      I highly recommend that you save all of your assignments for two reasons:

a.  They are good tools to use for studying and review.

b.  To verify your work if there is a discrepancy in your grade.

4.     Absenteeism/tardies

a.  You should familiarize yourself with the school policies regarding absences.  This class will comply with those rules.

b.  If you are absent you should do the following:

1.      Check the assignment board when you return.

2.      Retrieve the assignment from the folders on the board or make a note of the assignment.

3.      Do and hand in the assignment


c.       Due dates for make-up work- You will have however many days

you were absent plus one to make-up assignments.  Example:  If you are absent on Monday and Tuesday, you will get the assignments on Wednesday and they will be due on Friday.

6.  There will also be chances for extra credit throughout the marking period.  I will allow you to come in and speak Spanish to me for extra test points.  There will also be other opportunities.

7.      You are responsible for your own actions. GRADING POLICY

Your grade will be determined by assessing the four skill areas: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.  You will also be evaluated based on your participation and citizenship.

 Grading:                Participation/Citizenship                  10%                             Homework/In Class Projects             40%                             Tests/Quizzes                                   50%  Trimester:             Trimester Cumulative Grade     80%                             Trimester Exam                       20%