Units of Study


Central Idea:
The Gingerbread man helps everyone to understand that they are part of a community and participate in community building.
Prehistoric World
Central Idea:
Fossils, unearthed through pebbles, sand and silt help prove that the prehistoric world was very different from our modern world.
*Goulandris Natural
History Museum field trip
Central Idea:
People and nature affect states of matter as seen through scientific investigations.
Central Idea:
A yearlong study of our own international community of learners and their country of origin: including celebrations, customs and geography.
Classical Greece
Central Idea:
A study of Classical Greek civilization (host country): Gods of Mount Olympus, city-states, democracy, home-life, schooling, Olympic Games and pottery to depict their way of life.
*Temple of Zeus field trip
Central Idea:
Plants are the gift of life to animals and humans, as seen through the life cycle of a plant.