web quest 1


The summer has finally come- which means no more school! Your family has decided to take a family vacation in the UK, and this year you are in charge of the planning! There are a few stipulations from the parents and you have to take into consideration the input of your younger sister too.

This year, mom wants to visit a historical landmark, dad wants to visit a football match (any team will work) and your sister wants to visit a theme park (e.g. Alton Towers)

You have a budget of about EUR6,000 and you live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Your parents have taken off about 7 days from work so you must meet all the requirements within those 7 days without going over budget. 

  • Things that will need to be included in your final proposal to mom and dad:
  • Travel Plans- Airplane cost, Gas costs, car rental, train/ coach tickets, etc....
  • Hotel Accommodations, How much, etc...
  • Football Game- Ticket cost, Food cost, team etc...
  • Theme Park- Name, Location, Travel there and back cost, ticket cost, etc...
  • Historical Landmark: Where, Travel there and back cost, admission cost, etc...
  • Food Budget- How much allowed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks, etc...
  • Any extra financial cost

·         Reasoning- why you chose the locations, how did everyone's needs get met by your choices?

Step One:

You will be placed into groups of 3 to create the ultimate family vacation. Each person will have an assigned role.

Figure out who will do what job and make sure each person is aware of their assigned duties.

 1. Banker-keeps track of the money spent, makes sure the group is staying on budget and that every outing is paid for.

2. Time Keeper-makes sure that the trip is completed in the 7 day time period while making sure that travel times are realistic between events.

3. Booker- Makes sure every event/outing is completed and gets travel arrangements figured out.

Step 2:

Now that you have figured out who is going to complete each job, its time to get to planning.

Remember the requirements that each family member has and dont go over time or budget!

These sites will be helpful in planning your trip:

Theme parks in the UK


Transportation by train

low cost flights UK

sports events

Travelocity- Travel Website

Travel Budget Tips


 Step 3:

Outline the trip and present budget to Mom & Dad (and the class)

 Using the information you have found through the various websites, create an outline of your vacation (power point presentation or any other format). Submit it to me at sch_man@abv.bg by December 1 and get ready to present it to the class.

You should include total costs for each activity, transportation, hotel stay, food and souvenirs. Think outside the box for any other costs that you might encounter! (Parking fees, rental cars, taxi's)

In your report you need to have an agenda for each day, what the total cost is per day and what activities will be included.