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Element Three



I have...

During my practicum, I have planned and implemented a variety of lessons and lesson sequences that have explicit and appropriate learning goals. The learning sequences that I have planned have been structured logically and have been well thought out. In my lesson preparation, I have always established the leaching and learning goals that I would like students to achieve prior to planning the unit. Following this, I have backward mapped how I am going to help students to achieve these goals through relevant, content-rich and engaging learning experiences.

I have also developed formative and summative assessment tasks and strategies to evaluate students learning and achievement of the relevant outcomes. Appendix A is a unit of work I developed on ‘Growth and Change’ to achieve outcomes within the NSW Personal Development, Health and Physical Education syllabus. This unit of work highlights my ability to use a range of resources and materials, such as ICT, to support students’ learning.


I will...

I will learn more about the principles and practices of reporting to students, parents and caregivers. I will also enhance my skills in giving students timely, constructive feedback.


I need...

I need more experience in reporting to parents. I feel that I will gain skills and experience when undertaking my next practicum and internship. I also need to read further to better understand best practice in reporting.


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