Before you buy a women sports wear

We all know that choosing an appropriate sports bra for each exercise is the most important thing to feel comfortable during exercise.
On many occasions I have gone out for a run and I have come across women of different ages and sizes with an inappropriate bra. Many were not even wearing a sports bra, if not the classic underwire. A terrible mistake.

The state of our breasts is defined by the ligaments and tissues and the skin that holds them, so it is important to keep them in place avoiding excessive impact. A bra suitable for the sport we do is important to avoid sagging of the chest.
When we run, the breasts produce oscillations and displacements that must be absorbed by a good bra.

If you have a large chest, it is important that the bra covers the entire chest, wraps it, and above all, protects without tightening.


  1. Impact level: In my opinion, it is the most decisive when choosing a sports bra. Not all sports have the same impact on the chest. A yoga or Pilates class is not the same as a spinning or running session. When running, the chest can shift several inches up, down, and sideways; so the sports bra must have a higher level of support to absorb this impact.
  2. Straps: I recommend wide straps, as they will help to distribute the weight better and reduce the risk of possible back problems.
  3. Seams: Most bras now come without seams or very limited. It is important that you pay attention to that. With movement, the seams may cause chafing. Don't forget the labels (I say this from experience). Also here I would include the fabric. It is important that the fabric of the bra is breathable. It is not pleasant that in addition to the fact that your bra is torturing you because of the seams, which are digging into your flesh and rubbing against your skin, with sweat, that is going to sting a lot (I have lived it).
  4. Underwire (yes or no): Although there are those who feel more comfortable running with underwired bras, I do not recommend it; they can be nailed. If you are one of those who thinks that you cannot live without an underwired bra, I recommend those that come with stiffer side fasteners that simulate those underwire and will keep the bra in place.
  5. Size: Like all bras, the size is marked by the contour and the cup. The number refers to the measurement of the chest, and the letter refers to the volume of the chest.
    It is important to try on sports bras before buying them; as the size may vary. In my case, in some brands, it varies up to one size. it is now becoming increasingly common to find
    plus size sports bra as views of society has transformed towards all body types.

Throughout my sports "career" I have changed my bra many times (obviously). And I already have my preferences quite clear.
Don't be ashamed to try on your bra, jump and move to see if you are comfortable with it. Do all the fuss you need to see if that bra is the right one for the sport you are going to do. Jump, move… Whatever it is, no one will see you in the dressing room; And there is nothing worse than wearing a bra that, to avoid “making a fool of yourself”, sticks to your soul and you are not comfortable.

And, just as you invest in good shoes, you have to invest in a good bra. It is a priority. You are not only investing in comfort, you are investing in health.

I still remember the scratches of some, the marks of too fair of others … Running with my hands on my chest for wearing it too loose and hurting myself because my chest bounced too much. Another was no longer my size and my chest was leaking.
As you can see, I'm not a great role model. Although it must be said that because of my bad experiences, now I know what I should do.
Feeling comfortable while running, riding a bike … Whatever, is paramount. You are already "suffering" enough to torture yourself over a bad bra.