About Me

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


My name is Ms. Herrera and I am so excited to start the school year. 

Lets start with a little introduction! I have been teaching for 16 years and I love what I do! I believe teaching and learning should be fun and engaging for all. I graduated from FIU with honors and went into the classroom right away. Throughout my career in education, I have strived to maintain strong connections with my students. I believe the perfect relationship between student and teacher is one built on open, honest communication, and mutual respect. Children need a learning environment that is safe and accepting, where they feel their input and involvement is encouraged and wanted. My goal is to make certain every child I encounter feels that they matter and have something wonderful to contribute. I endeavor to help children realize the gifts and abilities they have within themselves and to find that drive and inner motivation essential to grinding through the challenges and obstacles life throws at them in order to reach their full potential and realize their dreams.

My teaching style focuses on student-centered learning and I provide the best methods and strategies necessary to guide and inform students.  When I teach, I incorporate whole class discussion sessions, differentiated instruction, real world applications, and cooperative learning strategies to provide students with the necessary tools to develop critical thinking skills. I incorporate interactive activities, technology, and manipulatives to strengthen learning and retenion of the learning material. 

My philosophy is based in the belief that education is a vital tool that can teach children the fundamental skills necessary to live successful lives as confident and informed citizens. I decided to become a teacher to make a positive impact on the lives of children and to engage them in meaningful thinking and learning. I believe teaching is a highly rewarding profession that allows me to change the lives of students and to effectively provide them with the skills and attitude necessary to build their character and acheive success. It is my mission to install a love of life-long learning and to ensure that my students are capable of thriving in todays world.  

My hope is to leave students with a positive impression of education, and to feel they had a teacher who always had their best interests in mind. I hope my students never stop questioning the world around them, continue to embrace learning thoughout their lives, and are respectful of themselves and others. I want students to feel they had a dedicated and knowledgeabke teacher who brought curiosity and creativity to the educational process.