Digital Classroom Rules

7 Digital Etiquette Tips 


1. Think before you type

Just like in rea life, its always good to take a second and consider what you're saying. 


2. Keep personal information private

Say it as many times as you need, and then say it some more. 


3. Be Kind

Don't say anything you wouldn't say to a person's face. 


4. Consider your audience in group chats

Avoid inside jokes with one party in the chat, and don't post anything that will offend any memeber.


5. Respect others Wishes

If a friend doesn't want a photo or video of them shared, don't show it to anyone.


6. Talk only to People You Know

It is best to stay within your circle, some people might not be who you think they are behind a screen.


7. Don't ghost friends

When it's time to get offline, let whomever you're talking to know you're leaving.