English I Syllabus

2008-2009 English I Syllabus                                          

English I is a required yearlong course. Composition will emphasize the writing process in developing well-constructed paragraphs and extended compositions. Grammar will focus on a review and reinforcement of basic skills and an introduction of new skills as they are required in writing and editing. Literature will focus on reading and analyzing short stories, novels, drama, mythology, poetry and nonfiction. Oral communication will focus on speech content and delivery.

Continuing Skills

  • Daily Grammar skills practice/ weekly quizzes
  • Individual lessons on grammar, tone, literary devices, and many other topics.
  • Literary terminology
  • Multi-Paragraph essay writing
  • Short story and essay readings, discussions and analysis

Major Units and Concepts by Six Weeks (Some concepts will be continued all year)

*Please understand, this is a plan—some of it may change throughout the year.

1st 6 Weeks:

·  Pre-Writing

·  Writing a Thesis                              

·  Writing Commentary

·  Thematic statements

·  3 tone essays

·  Lord of the Flies Unit

·  Poetry

·  Project Part 1

·  Independent Novel

·  Literary terminology


2nd 6 Weeks:

  • The Pigman Unit
  • Improving commentary
  • TAKS review
  • Paragraph structure
  • Revising and Editing
  • Independent Novel
  • Poetry Project Part 2
  • Edgar Allen Poe Mini-Unit


3rd 6 Weeks

  • Animal Farm Unit
  • Literature Essay #1
  • Propaganda and Advertising
  • Rhetoric
  • Poetry Project Part 3
  • Ad Project
  • Review for Mid-terms

4th 6 weeks

  • Personal Essay
  • Poetry Unit
  • Romeo and Juliet Unit
  • Poetry Project Part 4
  • TAKS review
  • Independent Novel


5th 6 weeks

  • Persuasive Essay
  • Independent Novel The Odyssey Unit
  • Mythology Project
  • Research Project



6th  6 Weeks

  • Finish Research Project
  • Literature Essay
  • Of Mice and Men Unit
  • Review for Finals