Classroom Procedures and Expectations

English I Classroom Procedures and Expectations

1. Materials: You are required to have all the necessary materials for class with you each day. Failure to do so could result in a level I referral. Class supplies include, but are not limited to:  

Binder used only for English

Pen or Pencil                                            

Notebook paper                              

Assigned book (textbook or novel                                                            

2. Binder Organization: You must have a 1 to 2 inch binder that is used ONLY for this class. Use dividers to create the following sections.

Grammar Warm-ups

Class Notes, Vocabulary, and assignments (not yet graded)

Graded work

Essays/ Projects

*You will be allowed to use your binder on many quizzes, all essays, and some tests. It is in your best interest to keep it neat and complete. Binders will be checked occasionally for a grade or a prize, so bring it to class. 

3. Daily Grammar Warm-ups: each day will begin with an editing sentence on the overhead. In the grammar warm-ups section of your binder, copy and correct each mistake in the sentence. We will begin class by reviewing each mistake. During this time, you are responsible for making notes. There will be a quiz over the mistakes from the week each Friday, and you can use your notes on this quiz.

4. Late Work: Late work will be accepted up to 3 days after it is due with 10% taken off per day. After three days, late work may not be accepted and you may receive a zero. 

5. GRADES: Grades will be calculated using the following weights:

Reading: 40% (reading questions; reading tests; quizzes)

Writing: 40% (grammar work; essays)

Miscellaneous: 20% (book checks, notes, completion grades)

*Grade sheets with assignments will be handed out every 2-3 weeks. Return them for extra credit.

6. Reading Aloud in class: I strongly encourage students to read aloud when we read in class. You will be expected to read aloud for a grade at least once a week most weeks. You will not be expected to read for long periods of time (about a page or two). I do understand that reading to your peers is sometimes a frightening prospect, and if you would strongly prefer not to do so, you can do the alternative assignment.

7. If you’re absent: It is your responsibility to find out what you’ve missed and make it up. You will have some extra time to do so. Do not expect to be excused from an assignment because you’ve been absent. Do not expect to miss additional class time to make up an assignment or test—you will have to make up tests before or after school. You can find any handouts you have missed in the folders in the front of the room.

8. Hall Passes: No hall passes will be given the first 10-15 minutes of class as per school policy. You will be given 3 hall passes per 6 weeks to use when time allows. (Please do not ask to go in the middle of discussion.) Turn in unused passes for extra credit at the end of each six weeks. (2nd and last way to earn extra credit)  

9. Tardy Policy: When you arrive after the bell (1 minute or 10 seconds) you must sign and date the tardy book. If it is your first tardy, get a new sheet, fill in your name at the top, and place it in the section for your class period. Please do this quickly, quietly, and without disrupting the class. The first three tardies will be warnings, the 4th will be after school detention, and any after that will result in ISS (as per the school’s tardy policy). More than ten minutes tardy will count as an absence for attendance (and exam exemption) purposes.

10. Academic dishonesty (cheating): I take cheating very seriously. You are not to copy other’s work, be it reading questions, worksheets, or tests or quizzes. If you are caught copying the work of other’s, or letting others copy your work, you will receive a zero for the assignment, a call home, and an office referral.

Some classroom expectations:

  1. Be respectful: To me and each other. Rudeness is my #1 pet peeve.
  1. Gum/food Policy: Due to a disgusting amount of gum under the desks, I ask that you do not chew gum in my class. If I ask you to spit it out, please do so without argument.
  1. Substitute expectations: I expect you to behave the same as you would for me when we have a substitute. There will be immediate and severer consequences for anyone whose name is written down by a substitute and the entire class may lose privileges as well.

Consequences: Consequences for not following classroom procedures and expectations can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Teacher detention/ call home
  3. Level I referral/ Call home
  4. Continue referral process/ turn in to office after 3 level I infractions

Fighting, serious insubordination, or threatening behavior will result in immediate office referral and expulsion from the classroom. 


 Pre-AP Expectations:

You have chosen this class because you will likely take the English AP exam to place out of college English. This is a wise choice. Because this is an advanced placement preparation class, you will be required more rigorous work in both your reading and writing. AP students must be prepared to do more outside reading and writing than students in grade-level classes. The writing and reading we will do in class this year will help prepare you for the AP exam, but for all subjects in which you must read or write. If you can read and write well, not only does nearly every school subject become easier, more avenues will become open to you later in life.

Please understand:

1. You will have homework.

2. You will read outside of class.

3. You will participate in class work and discussion

4. I expect your best work.

I’m so happy you have decided to take on the challenge of Pre-AP English I this year. I promise to do my best to make this a productive, challenging, and beneficial year for all of us.