Contributing to the Profession

Helpful Educational Resources



Teachers Who Pay Teachers is a wonderful site where teachers can share and exhange lesson plans and instructional resources and aides such as graphic organizers.  The prices on the site are fairly low and there are also a lot of free items as well.  This is a great resouce for teachers to have when looking for last minute lesson plans or materials to use that are reliable and easy to use. 


This is a valuable site that students use to when learning new vocabulary.  I like this site more than, because the definitions provided appear clearer and easier to read due to the clean format of the website.  They also provide a lot of examples for each word which would be very helpful to students struggling to understand a new word. 


ReadWriteThink provides English lesson plans and a great amount of reading resources at different levels that teachers can use in order to differentiate their reading activities for their students according to their learning levels. A lot of the reading material comes with comprehension assessments as well.