Developing as a Professional Educator


My Journey as an Educator


Teacher Induction

For my last year of my teacher induction, I was able to research, plan, and conduct 4 inquiries with my students for my ILP (Individual Learning Plan).   Please click on the blue icon below in order to watch a video summary about my ILP.





Beyond Teacher Induction

My vision board below shows some of my goals and dreams for the future.  I would love to start my own small school someday that would fill an area of educational need. I would really want my school to be innovative and have a strong emphasis on Literacy.  I would also want my school to focus on a specific community of students that have been historically underserved in the past.  Some student groups that I have worked with in the past and am passionate about focusing on are students with reading disabilities, students from low income homes, teen parents, foster youth, and girls who are first generation graduates (from less developed countries). 

Some action steps to getting to my dream school include the following:

1. Obtain clear credentials for my single subject credentials (almost complete)

2. Obtain my multiple subject credential (currently working on this)

3. Obtain my admin credential or PhD (in th next 10 years)

4. Pick a location and community for my school

5. Begin research, funding, and licensing procedures for my school