Dialogue Writing in Essays




Dialogue is when characters are speaking.  If you quote what a character is saying, then that is dialogue.  You must enclose the exact words that a character says with QUOTATION MARKS.  Every time a different character speaks, you must start a new paragraph.  Remember that punctuation marks are always placed inside of quotation marks (.”)


This is an example of a narrative essay that contains dialogue.



        Once upon a time in a dark forest lived a fairy queen and her smart mouth daughter Florensia.  The queen, whose name was Babett, was a good queen and a good mother.  Her daughter Florensia on the other hand was a loud mouth teenager who always insulted everyone. 

        On mid-summer’s night day, the queen decided to have a party.  She asked Florensia to come and discuss the party details with her.  “Florensia, please come and help me plan the party,” the queen said while they were both eating lunch.

        Florensia yelled, “No way old woman!  I ain’t got no desire to plan a party for lame old folks like you.”

        “How dare you speak that way to me!” shouted the Queen,

        “What,” Florensia spat, “are you going to do about it?
        Picking up her magic wand, the queen said in a menacing voice, “This is what I’m going to do about it you brat!”  She pointed the wand at her rude child and yelled, “Presto Digeo!”  A purplish light shot out of the wand and hit Florensia in the chest.

        “Ouch, that hurt!” screamed Florensea.  A fog enveloped the naughty princess.  When the fog disapated, instead of a girl seated at the table, a green, warty frog had replaced her. 

        The queen shot a satisfied look at her frog daughter.  “You should have shut-up when you had the chance.  Now look at you.”

        “Ripit, ripit, ripit,” croaked the frog—Florensia—as she hopped out of the chair and onto the table.



***You do not have to write in complete sentences when you do dialogue because people don’t speak in perfect English sentences when they talk.**