Informative Writing Prompt


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You are to write a FIVE paragraph INFORMATIVE essay explaining the pros and cons of vaccinating people (children).  Be sure that you read PRO 2 and CON 2.  After you have read them (PRO 1 and CON2) write your essay.  Be sure to include at least two facts from PRO 1 and two  facts from CON 2 to include in your essay.  You must have an introduction parargaph, at least three supporting paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph.  YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST between 1000 and 1500 WORDS IN YOUR ESSAY.


PROMPT:  In the United States currently there is a debate as to whether or not children should be vaccinated.  The side that says that everyone should be vaccinated says that vaccines are safe and that vaccines keep children from getting diseases that in the past was sure to kill these children.  The side that is against vaccination states that vaccines are dangerous to children.  That vaccines contain unsafe ingredients.  Write an informative paper where you show both sides of the issue using facts from the readings.


The LINK for the PRO 2 and CON 2   Vaccination Pros and Cons



1.  You must type the essay on your Chromebook.

2.  You must use two PRO 2 facts and two CON 2 facts.

3. You must be informative (expalin both sides).


5.  Be Sure That You Have Planned Your Essay.  (Do that on a seperate piece of paper and turn it in.)



Writer’s Checklist

Be sure that you have done the following:


Is the topic addressed in my writing?  

Are my ideas expressed in complete sentences? 

Do I explain or support my ideas with enough details?

 Are the details I included directly related to my topic?

 Are my ideas arranged in a clear order for the reader to follow?

 Do my paragraphs have topic sentences when appropriate?

 Do I start each sentence with a capital letter and capitalize other appropriate words?

 Have I used correct punctuation at the end of each sentence and within each sentence?

 Is my spelling correct throughout my writing? 

Will the reader be able to read my handwriting?