Mobile Book Report Instructions


Name _______________________

Date _________________

Mobile Book Report


Due on March 7


Step One – You should select your fiction novel no later than _February 7_________________. Remember, your book needs to be within your reading range and should be challenging enough to last you the majority of the month.


Which book did you pick? Title: _______________________ Author: ________________________


Step Two – Plan a reading schedule for your novel.  Make sure you give yourself enough time to complete the project, not just the reading. Consider your timing last month when planning your reading for this month.

How many pages should you read each week to stay on track? ________


Step Three – Once you have finished your book, create your mobile project. The mobile will cover the main elements of the story outlined below. Please feel free to use as much creativity as you’d like when creating this project, but remember, this is the student’s project. If you need help getting a hanger/frame, please let me know as early as possible.


Here is what your mobile should include:


  • Frame/Hanger: Your mobile should be able to hang from the ceiling or on a rope. Coat hangers are great frames, but feel free to get creative and use something that specifically applies to your book (stick, dowel, wand, cane, etc.) Please consider weight – nothing too heavy! The elements required below should be hanging from your mobile’s frame in an organized fashion using string, ribbon, or any other material you feel will support the weight of the work.
  • Title/Author: On this card students should tell the title of the book, author’s name, and illustrator’s name (if there is one). The other side of this card should have the student’s name. This information should be written/typed in a way that represents the style of the book (i.e. colors, fancy writing, scary looking, etc.) This is the only piece of the mobile that may be directly attached to the frame, without hanging by a string, if you choose to do so.
  • Setting: Create 2 cards for the setting of your novel.
    • One card should describe the location of the main events in the story. This should be in complete 6th grade level sentences in a full paragraph. The other side should include a detailed, colored illustration to match the written description. If there is more than one important location, you may choose to do more than one card to describe those places.
    • The second card in this section will tell the time period in which your book takes place. One side of the card should give evidence from the book (quotes with page numbers) to support when you think your story takes place. There should be 2 to 5 pieces of evidence listed. The other side of the card will simply tell the time frame (i.e. 1965, 2,000 years in the future, prehistoric times, etc.). This will take the place of an illustration on this card. Like the title, this should be written and colored in a way that reflects the theme of your novel.
  • Main Characters: Create one card for each of the main characters in your novel. This should be anywhere from 2 to 5 characters. For each character, one side of the card should include a written description of the character including physical appearance, attitude/personality, importance to the story, etc. Each character description should be a complete paragraph (at least 5 sentences). Remember to use descriptive 6th grade level sentences. The other side of each card should include an illustration of the character described. Illustrations should be detailed and in color.
  • Main Events: This section should include 3 to 5 cards. Select 3 to 5 of the most significant events of the story. Think about what events cause problems or challenges for the characters, turning points in the story, etc. Each event you choose should be clearly described on one side of the card in the form of a paragraph. The other side of the card should include an illustration of how you imagined that event happening as you were reading. Please do not give away the ending of the story on any of these cards…just in case a classmate would like to check out the book for themselves!
  • Your Opinion: This last section includes one card. On one side, write a paragraph telling your opinion of the book. Be sure to support your opinion with evidence – why do you feel that way about the book? Be specific. The other side of the card should tell who you think would enjoy reading this book. Think about what type of person would enjoy the theme, characters, and events in the novel when making your recommendations. This should also be written in complete sentences.


Step Four - You will be presenting your mobile project to your classmates the following week.


Grading: I will be using this scoring guide to determine your grade (worth 100 points).  Make sure not to lose this sheet - you must turn it in with your mobile!!!








Mobile structure is used and is constructed in an organized way. 10pts







All illustrations are colored and project has a pleasant overall appearance. 10pts







Uses correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout. 10pts







Includes title, author, and student name. 10pts







Includes quality description of setting (time and place) with illustrations. 10pts







Includes quality descriptions of 2-5 main characters with illustrations. 10pts







Includes quality descriptions of 3-5 main events from the story with illustrations. 10 pts







Includes the reader’s opinion of the book and recommendations. 10pts







Daily reading (as demonstrated by reading log). 20pts







Total Points (out of 100)


Due Date: Thursday, March 7.




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