Senior Portfolio Page

The Senior Portfolio Project


You are to do a senior portfolio project. This project will be a power point presentation.  You will have to have a minimum of 12 slides, but you can have as many as you wish.  You must have animation on the slides.  You may add music if you wish.  The power point presentation must be saved on a thumb drive. 


Slides required:

            Title page slide

            Table of Contests slide

            Personal Info slide (you do not have to reveal phone numbers/addresses/email if you do not want to do so).

            Transcript slide

            ACT results slide

            TWO letters of recommendation slides (this will be two slides)

            Future goals slide

            High school activity slide

            General activities slide

            A slide(s) of one of your critical essays that you have turned in and graded.

            Scrap book slide(s). This is optional.  This like a yearbook of your school years.



            Each slide is worth 200 points.  You will be given THREE work grades a week (this means that you will have to be working on your power point).  The final presentation of your power point will be worth 1000 points.  The amount of time allotted for this project will be a total of 15 school days.  The project will be due pm FEB. 15 (Times are fluid). 


Sample Power Point Presentation




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