Playwright William Shakespeare


Senior English – Shakespeare Project


RUBRIC:  To show an understanding of Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s plays, and/or Shakespeare’s world you are to complete one of the projects explained below.


GRADE:  The Shakespeare projects will be assigned 800 points, 700, points, or 600 points.  800 points will be for an “A”, 700 points will be for a “B”, and 600 points will be for a “C”. All projects will be on date indicated, but you may turn your project in early.  If you turn in a project late, you will have 50 points deducted per day late. In no case, if you turn in a project, will you make less than a 60%.




  1.  Construct a replica of the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  Two students may work on this.  You may use any material that you would like to use.  The replica cannot be smaller than 2 feet by 2 feet.  (800 points)


  1. Construct a bust (head) of Shakespeare.  You may use any material that you would like.  The bust must bear some resemblance to Shakespeare.  Look at the bust I have in the room.  If you need suggestions, I will be glad to offer my opinion. (800 points)



  1. Construct a diorama of one of the famous scenes from MACBETH.  You must construct the diorama in a box that is surrounded on three sides.  The box must be no smaller than 2 feet by 2 feet.  Two people may work on this project.  (800 points)


  1. You may take a famous scene (you must ask my permission) and translate it into today’s English.  (600 points)



  1. Construct a life size depiction of one of the MACBETH characters using your own body as the model.  Life size means just that life size. You must use your face as the fact of the character.  Dress the character in clothing appropriate for that character. 


  1. You write a paper over the life of Shakespeare.  The paper must be scholarly in nature (ask me what that means).  The paper must be at least FIVE pages long, have 10 footnotes, and have images.  (700 points)



  1. Memorize a famous scene from MACBETH (you must clear it with me first) and present it to the class.  Scene must be at least 3 to 5 minutes in length.  (700 points)


  1. Construct an authentic looking costume that a character in MACBETH might have worn.  (700 points)



Out, damned spot! out, I say!
(5.1.32), Lady Macbeth


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