Important Links for Database and Network Classes

Use these links as a starting place to find help. Finding another explanation for a concept may help you to understand it better.

Atlantic Technical College
School website

Register online for job placement and post your resume.
ATC Job Placement Website

Certification advice and tools from a top certification expert
from Cisco Press.

Wendell Odom's Cert Skills

Resume and cover letter samples for different industries and
experience levels.

Resumes and Cover Letters by Industry

FOCUS Gradebook
Username: 10-digit Broward UserId (Ie. 0612345678)
Password: Student Birthdate -- YYYYMMDD

Look up grades here!

ATC Career Center Link Tree

Business Professionals of America

Desire2Learn course management system

Receive credit at Broward College for course work completed at ATC.
Articulation Agreements with Broward College

Information from ATC Website

Create bibliography entries in MLA format with easybib

Proofreader's Marks

Cisco Learning Network has tools to help prepare you for your certification exam.
Cisco Learning Network

National Academy Foundation for AOIT High School students.
National Academy Foundation

Oracle Academy online curriculum.
Oracle Academy

US government Bureau of Labor Statistics has information on careers.
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Oracle application express site.
Enter SQL here.

Public Domain student use images and media
Pictures for Projects

Cisco Networking Academy curriculum
Cisco Networking Academy Home

View this tutorial and practice the different question types before taking your Cisco certification exams.
Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial

Definitions for Technical Terms
Technical Dictionary

You can access the TestOut modules here. 

LabSim/TestOut Online Labs

This site has a tutorial and practice questions to help improve your subnetting skills.
Subnetting Practice Questions

This site covers basic and advanced IPv4 subnetting, IPv6 subnetting, troubleshooting subnet problems and binary practice.
Subnetting Practice including IPv6

This site has questions worded like the certification exam.
More Subnetting Practice

Free online learning and tutorials. DO NOT sign up as an online student.
GCF Learn Free

Programming Tutorials

Agile Methodology

The Database Programmer

This site has practice questions that you may encounter on the job interview.
Interview Questions for Programmers

Resume, interview and career advice from Cisco

Tutorials for Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and other languages.
Codecademy Tutorials

Tutorials for HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL and other languages.
W3schools Tutorials

The tutorial explains database normalization with great examples.
Database Normalization

This site helps to prepare you for PL SQL certification.
PL SQL Practice Questions

Database Design Tutorials

Create a database model from scratch


 Relational Database Design

Microsoft description of normalization

Oracle Certification Preparation

Oracle Dev Gym

Oracle Tutorials

Associative Arrays/index-by table

Amazing Algorithms by Barry Stahl presentation from South Florida Developer's Conference 2020

Algorithms from Nature showing flowcharts and pseudocode