This page should describe the task(s) that students will need to follow to complete the project.


 As a member of the local historical society in your area, your team was assigned the task of documenting the historical markers in your community.  Each member of the team will take on the role of an historical investigator.  The team will also need to break down the team responsibilities to mange the project.  The team will need a lab graphics specialist, a technical writer, a web page editor, and a lead supvervisor.

The task will follow a general process listed below.

  • Collect evidence
  • Document evidence
  • Record evidence
  • Present findings



Describe crisply and clearly what the end result of the learners' activities will be. The task could be a:

  • problem or mystery to be solved;
  • position to be formulated and defended;
  • product to be designed;
  • complexity to be analyzed;
  • personal insight to be articulated;
  • summary to be created;
  • persuasive message or journalistic account to be crafted;
  • a creative work, or
  • anything that requires the learners to process and transform the information they've gathered.

If the final product involves using some tool (e.g., HyperStudio, the Web, video), mention it here.

Don't list the steps that students will go through to get to the end point. That belongs in the Process section.