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Email services are one of the most important and most used applications or platforms on the Internet. But, this does not mean that email services do not face problems in the functioning, every email service faces problems while working. The same is the case for AOL email service, many users in the past have complained about AOL Mail is not working on iPad and iPhones. This is a common problem and has been something that has been written about a lot, you can go and find a lot of queries about this on the web. AOL as an email service is quite effective and has provided service for years to users without a problem. The users ranging from Android to iPhones have used it rigorously to send and receive emails to one another. But, users of iPhones have faced difficulties without a doubt, this, however, does not imply that Android users do not face problems. Having said that, we will be focusing on Aol Email not working on iphone and how can users solve this problem.


What are the problems that users face while using AOL email and how can that be solved?


Let's dive into the problems that could be present in your iPhone or iPad which is not letting you open your AOL account. After looking at these below-given points, maybe you'll figure out why your aol mail not working


  • The first reason why your AOL email is not receiving and sending mail on your iPhone could be that your phone is not connected to the Internet. This is a primary reason and we would suggest you connect your iPhone with the nearest Wifi. 


  • Another significant reason for AOL mail on iPhone not working could be that the AOL that you have on your iphone is outdated. Hence, your iphone is not supporting that version so make sure that you're updating your Applications regularly.


  • The third reason which does not allow your AOL to work in your iPhone could be that over time, your phone has collected a lot of viruses and malwares. This can be a big reason why you're facing aol mail problems. Make sure that you're updating your iPhone and iPad regularly. 


  • The fourth and final reason and solution that we put forth is that a lot of cookies and caches can cause a hindrance to smooth functioning. Make sure you clear all cookies and caches from your iPhone so you can use AOL properly.

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