Fix IMAP Gmail on iPhone

Users of different email services often use the safest email option present on the web. However, you may sometimes face an error like not responding. So, we will tell you what to do if Gmail IMAP not working?

Causes for IMAP to not work

There can be different reasons for the IMAP to not respond but generally, this happens due to wrong email settings or problems with the email server. It can also happen if you do not have a good internet connection on your device.

Mail Client Error

To fix IMAP Gmail on iPhone, one should know what the cause of the problem is. Sometimes, this may happen because of a glitch in the service provider. You can fix this issue by following our procedure:

Open the Settings application and look for Accounts.

Choose an email account that is not working and then click on the ‘Delete the Account’ button.

Then add the same account back on the device. 

Log in with your username and password for the account to work without any glitch. 

Wrong SSL Settings 

If you cannot get mail, then you should check the SSL settings of your account.

SSL settings play an important part in the correct functioning of a Gmail account. Check if you have the SSL server on your device before enabling the SSL settings. A server ensures a good connection which helps in sending and receiving emails. Also, make sure the authentication of the SSL settings is right.

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