How Can I Get a Free Edu Email?

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Edu email is used by students. Having this email signifies that you are a student. Having a free .edu email can get you several benefits. Many large corporations give several benefits to the students having an Edu email account. The companies do so to show their investment in philanthropic activities so as to gain the confidence of their potential customer. Having an Edu account can get you several free services provided by various companies, like free software, company goodies, tutorials from field experts, and much more.

To know the answer to how to get free edu email, you have to read through the text and follow the process precisely to get your email. We can make an education email using the website. This website allows you to make free emails with different domain names. The website provides you with 200 different domains from where you can choose a student or education domain to make your edu email in some simple steps.

Following are the steps that you have to follow so as to get email and that too for free:

  1. You must first go to in your browser.

  2. There you have to click the "Free Registration" button.

  3. A window with the registration form for the e-mail account opens, in which you have to enter your basic data.

  4. Now enter your email address. Here, you can choose the domain name as .Edu or. student for making a free edu email.

  5. Now you need to create a password for the e-mail, which must be at least 8 characters long. The password must be a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters and some special characters.

  6. Enter the captcha code.

  7. Finally, click the "Accept" button and your email account is ready to be used.

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