How do I fix my Verizon email Problems?


Verizon is not operational and you have few important mails to check into, this is no big issue as there can be many reasons that might trigger Verizon email problem. Now you would want a fix in order to solve the situation sooner at your end so that your boss does not get any chance to stop your promotion. 

Beneath I have listed few basic fixes you may look after by the time you face the Verizon email login problem:

  • If by any chance you have entered the wrong password then resetting the password is the only and simplest approach to solve the problem, now this can be done by signing into the Verizon email/ after you have opened the page successfully hit on the option “forgot your info” and wait till you are directed to “forgot my password page.

  • Mention your credentials that include your email address and password and hit on continue.

  • After that follow the guidelines and you will be able to successfully login into Verizon email address.

  • The other way is if you have mentioned wrong IMAP/POP Verizon settings, make sure you correct them (the IMAP server is and port number is 993 and SSL type is required/the SMTP server is and port number is 465 or 587 and it does require SSL along with the authentication. The same goes for POP (the incoming mail server is and the port number is 995 and it does SSL. Whereas the outgoing mail server is and port number is 465 or 587 and it also does require SSL along with TLS if it is available. The login info in both the IMAP and POP remains the same by that I mean; the email address is simply the user's email address and the password is the same as mentioned in the account and it requires authentication in both ways.