How Do I Reset AOL Mail Settings

This article will teach you the steps to reset or change the settings of the AOL mail settings as there are queries of many users how do I reset my AOL mail settings? So, without wasting any moment in other talks let us move ahead to the steps. 

Steps needed to reset the settings of the AOL mail – 

    1. The users first need to go to the site of AOL login which is and then once you have done the browsing and sign in later. 
    2. In the next step you need to click on the tab of Options which you will see under the username of the right side of the page. 
  • Now to proceed to fix the problems with AOL mail by clicking on the mail settings this will be in the drop down menu under the Options tab. 
  • Now once you have done the above procedures now you have to do the needful settings you want to so that you can move ahead; you can change the settings of general, compose, filter settings, calendar, etc. 

Lastly the users only need to click on the save tab to save the changes and get rid of the AOL mail issues.