Why have my Emails Disappeared from my yahoo inbox?

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Presume you have a very important video meeting with a client the very next day and the next day you woke up and found that the Yahoo mail containing the meeting link disappeared. it surely will give you an abundance of anxiety or might be a big setback for you and your business.


Yahoo emails disappeared from inbox can happen due to mistake deletion of emails or failure of the synchronisation. Even if Yahoo's algorithm removed it, you can procure it with just the following simple methods.


For your convenience, we have provided the methods in this article.

Methods to resolve disappearing emails issue of Yahoo email from inbox

  1. Head to the Trash or deleted items folder.

Yahoo emails provide you with a feature titled "Trash or deleted items" which will help you to retrieve deleted emails.


Note:- you can only attain your removed emails from the *Trash or Deleted items" folder within 7 days.

  1. Resolve internet troubles.

It is very apparent that internet trouble will land you into problems like "my Yahoo mails are gone". So make sure you will use a reliable and stable internet connection or check your browser settings and compatibility.

  1. By issuing a Restore Request.

For some reason, if you remove an email accidentally, you can retrieve it within 7 days by delivering an email to yahoo support and next yahoo support will assist you in recovering your deleted emails.


By following the above methods, you can get rid of problems like " Yahoo emails that have disappeared"


Retrieving your deleted emails from yahoo is not that tough as it seems, if you somehow lost your crucial email first you don't have to panic and straightly head towards the Trash or deleted items section where you will find your removed emails before that you are connected to a reliable internet connection and lastly just make sure you will do this procedure of recovering with 7 days from deletion.


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