How Do I Access Old Juno Emails?

Juno email is an email service that is used by a large number of users and it is possible that the users lose their emails by deleting them by mistake if this is the case then you have some ways using which you can get the old emails of Juno which you do not access now. 

  • First of all the users need to check the Trash folder, as it is possible that you might the emails you are looking for in this folder. You can access the trash folder when you will access Juno webmail. If you find the emails you are looking for in the trash folder you can simply click on it and then hit on restore button to move them to your inbox. 
  • Another thing you can try is to check the spam folder of your email as sometimes it happens that the emails which are not recognized by Juno are sent to the spam folder. And not each one of us checks the spam folder, so if you see that any of your emails is missing you can get them by accessing the spam folder. 
  • For this, you need to go for Juno email sign in, and once your inbox opens you need to hit on the spam folder and then look for the emails there and then move them to the inbox file. just like its name is a very popular site that the users can use to get more informative and reliable information about Juno mail and issues related to it and not only this but the users will also find the answer to their solutions on this site. To check if the site is working properly or not you must try it once and you won’t face such issues as it has a simple interface to access. 

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