How to Fix AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone?

AOL email not working on iphone for you? Well, do not worry we are here to help you to fix the issue and error you have been dealing with. In this blog we are going to provide you with the best ways which can help you fix errors with AOL mail. 

Fixes to Get Rid of Working issues of AOL Mail 


1. The first fix is to hard reset the AOL mail app which you are using, this means that you have to close the app manually and then after some time you can open it again to see if AOL mail is working now or not. 

2. Next way to fix AOL mail on iPhone not working 2020 is to first remove your account from your AOL mail and then after waiting for some time you should add your AOL mail account once again on the application by putting in your details. 

3. Infrequently, AOL might be buggy because of some temporary glitches and AOL keeps on updating its application to fix these bugs. 

So, it is necessary that you keep on updating the AOL application again and again so that you can keep up with the latest updates of the application. 

4. Another way which you can try to fix the AOL mail down on iphone is to first delete the AOL application which you are using on your device. 

Once the application has been deleted you have to move to the play store once again and get the AOL application on your iphone.