What Does CC Mean in Email And How to Use It?

CC also known as Carbon copy is an integral part of email, and if you are not aware what does cc mean in an email and how you can use it then you have landed at the right place to get to know about it. 

In this blog today, we are going to talk about CC and what significance it has in an email, so let us begin to learn about it. 

CC or Carbon copy – What Does it Mean? 

CC is nothing but a way to keep recipients in the loop and in simple terms, it is a way to send your email to more than one person. Along with the primary recipient of the email, you can send a copy of it to around 100 people by adding them to CC. 

How Do you Add Someone in CC? 

Now, that you have a basic idea of what CC means, let's proceed further to know how to CC someone in Gmail in some simple and easy steps. 
To CC someone in Gmail, you first have to compose a mail, where you have to add the primary recipient in the ‘To’ section. 
After this, you will see the ‘CC’ section below where you can add the other email addresses you want. 
Once, you are done composing the email you can hit on the send button to send it. 
Now, you know what does CC mean in email and you also know how to add CC you can add people and make your work easier by sending the mail at once to all. 


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