Gr.12 Expectations,General Objectives and Grading System

Grade 12 Mathematics I.  Book:Calculus Early Transcendental Functions    ( McGraw-hill international edition smith & Minton ) II. General Objectives               The goals in mathematics education are for students to:1.             Develop fluency in basic computational skills.2.           Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts.3.           Apply mathematical concepts and skills and the relationships among them to solve problem situations of varying complexities. To accomplish this goal, students will need to develop a repertoire of skills and strategies for solving a variety of problem types.4.           Communicate precisely about quantities, logical relationships, and unknown values through the use of signs, symbols, models, graphs, and mathematical terms.5.           Reason mathematically by gathering data, analyzing evidence, and building arguments, to support or refute hypotheses.6.           Make connections among mathematical ideas and other disciplines.7.           Help students, at all ability levels, to enjoy Math.8.           Provide challenging experiences in Math.              9.           Find useful applications of mathematics to everyday life situations.10.        Build self-confidence in the student by teaching successful ways to problem-solve.11.         Provide an environment which encourages active participation by all students.    

Overall Expectations by the end of this course, students will:

  • Find limits graphically.
  • Determining limits algebraically.
  • How  to evaluate a limit for a piecewise – defined function.
  • Use the graph to identify all discontinuities of the function.
  • Use the three conditions of continuity to explain why the function is discontinuous.
  • Find the removable and non-removable discontinuities.
  • Evaluate the one -sided limits.
  • Evaluate limits involving infinity.
  • Compute the first derivative by using limit.
  • Compute derivatives by using the power rule.
  • Find the higher order derivatives.
  • Find velocity and acceleration functions.
  • Find an equation of the tangent line to y = f(x) at x = a.
  • Find derivative by using the product and Quotient rules.
  • Find derivative by using chain rule.
  • Find an equation of the tangent line by using chain rule.
  • Find the derivative by using TRIGO functions rules.
  • Use the squeezing rules to evaluate limits.
  • Find the derivative by using exponential and logarithmic rules.
  • Find an equation of the tangent line by using exponential and logarithmic rules.
    • Find the first derivative implicitly
    • Compute the slope of the tangent line at a given point implicitly.
    • Find relationships between the rates of change of quantities related by an equation.
    • Evaluate limits by using L’HOPITAL rule.
    • Find the critical values
    • Use the first derivative test to analyze the graph of a function.
    • Use the first derivative test to identify local maxima and minima.
    • Find the absolute maximum value and the absolute minimum value of a function on an interval.
    • Find the intervals where the function is increasing and decreasing.
    • Use the second derivative test to identify concavity and inflection points.
    • Use the second derivative test to find the local extrema.
    • Use the first derivative test to sketch the graphs of polynomial and rational functions.
      • Find anti derivatives of basic functions.
      • Evaluate definite integrals using fundamental THM of
      • Find indefinite integrals using the method of substitution.
      • Evaluate the natural logarithms integrals .
      • Find area of a region between two curves
      • Find area of a region between two intersecting curves.
      • Find indefinite integrals using integration by parts.
      Find indefinite integrals using partial fractions


    GRADE 12

    Total Marks = 100
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