How To Study For Calculus


                                                                                                          How to study 

1. Go over the assigned homework problems. 

  Make a list of all the homework problems you were given. Pick one problem at
  random from each section and give it a whack. If it whacks you back, you need
  to review that section. If you breeze through this, the exam is in the bag. It
  is almost always true that if you have mastered the assigned homework problems
  you will do well on the exam.  


2. Seek professional counseling. 

  What if you don't know how to do a problem, and you can't make heads or tails
  out of the convoluted explanation in your text book, and it's not one of the
  subjects covered in this trusty book? What then?
  It's time for the pros to earn their keep. Seek out your teacher or teaching
  assistant for help. 


  3. Practice  under exam conditions

  It's easy to think you understand the material better than you really do. You
  can fool yourself into thinking you can solve a problem when you are looking
  at the answer book or at a worked out solution. When the exam comes around,
  your mind is a blank without the example to follow. Test your knowledge of a
  topic by trying problems under exam conditions. Pick out one problem from each
  of the types that are to be covered on the exam. Give yourself one hour to do
  your ersatz exam and see how it goes. If you can do it under those conditions,
  the exam should be a cinch.