Class Rules

Class Rules for my lovely students:

1. Please come to class with open ears, open eyes, and an open mind.

2. Please treat others the way you would expect to be treated.

3. Listen to those who are speaking.

4. No cellular phones or any portable device is to be used during class time.  This distracts myself as well as your peers.

5. Please do not eat or chew gum in class. This is not to torture you but rather prevent messes for others to clean up after you.  Drinks are permitted only if there is a closed lid.

6. If you are late, please walk in as quietly as possible. After class, please see me to discuss why you were late and what you missed. Numerous tardies will result in a drop in participation grade.

7.  If you are absent, please return to class ready to ask me for your make-up work. Numerous unexcused absences will result in a drop in participation grade.

8. Follow directions.

9.  Cheating is not tolerated. If you are caught cheating, your grade for the assignment and participation grade for the day will be a zero. The point of school is not to get by, but to expand your knowledge. Therefore, not doing your own work is only hurting you. 

10. Please feel free to voice any concerns or opinions. I strive for an open classroom, where everyone feels comfortable and happy.