Mrs. Mehring's Technology Website


What is the role of Technology Coach?

On this page, you will find a plethora of information and resources for you incorporate into your classroom. Please remember,  it is my job to help you incorporate new technologies into your curriculum, so please let me know HOW I can help you! If you see anything on this page or any of its links that interests you, let me know! I can help you implement it into your classroom.

How can I help you?

  • Generate Ideas and Curriculum Connections--Not sure where to start? Invite me into your classroom just to watch you teach. This will get "the wheels turning" and I can begin to identify technologies that will fit your teaching style and connect with your curriculum.


  • Co-Plan--let me help you plan lessons that incorporate technology. If you're not sure how technology might benefit your students or enhance a lesson, I can do the research and bring you some suggestions. I can help you identify what will work , help you learn how to use it, and then help set up a lesson or unit plan.


  •  Research--Curious about a new technology you've read about or how technology might enhance a concept in your curriculum? Wondering how you might spice up a lesson, but short on time to find new ideas? Let me do the research for you. I have access to technology facilitators all around the country and tons of ideas from teachers around the globe. I can compare different approaches, troubleshoot, work out the kinks, and bring you the best options for your classroom.


  • Co-Teach--After co-planning a lesson, I can help you in the classroom. It always helps to have an extra teacher in the room when using technology. I can teach part of the lesson, instruct students on the use of technologies, or just be there for support as needed.

  • Personal Training--Want some help with designing a Wiki, making your flipcharts more interactive, using response devices, learning a software program? Lets schedule some time together. I know we are all at different levels, so no request is too simple or complex!