10th Grade Resource Room


 This a great website for both students and their families to use when checking for their daily assignements, classroom expectations and up coming events.  This website will be updated daily by 3:00.  I will try my hardest as your child's Special Education teacher to make sure all the parents are up to date on their child's progress while moving through their Sophmore year of high school. Here's to a great 2017- 2018 school year! 


Daily & Weekly Assignments:


English Language Arts with Mrs. James & Ms. Meyer:   


Due January 9th - Article of the Week - "Are Real or Artificial Christmas Trees Better for the Environment?" Annotate article & write a one plus page response. Due by 3 pm


Due January 10th - First draft of "A Difficult Moment" narrative due by 3pm


Due January 11th - Book Club discussion #5 - have your pages read and two questions about those pages in your reading journal. 



Global II with Mrs. Tillman & Ms. Meyer: 


World War I Investigation Project:  Complete 3 out of the 4 investigations.  

  • Battle Stats:  Read about 4 major battles of World War I.  Watch the animations on the map.  The complete the worksheet on all four battles. 

  • Propaganda Posters: Analyze the 2 series of propaganda, one from Britain and one from Germany.  Choose 1 of the following activities:

    • Fill out poster analysis for EACH SIDE (Britain and Germany) 

    • Create a propaganda poster:  It may be either for or against joining the war: Remember to take a European perspective (not American).  Your poster must have clear symbols and a clear message.  It should have correct grammar and spelling and include color.  It can be hand-drawn or computer generated. 

  • In the Trenches: Explore the trench animations and read about life in the trenches.  Pretend you are a French or German soldier fighting in the trenches.  Write a letter home describing your life and how you think trench warfare should change. 

    • ​​​​​​​Please follow the guidelines provided in the investigation. 

    • Complete your letter on a seperate piece of lined paper and attach to your packet. 

  • Weapons Request: Choose three weapons you believe would have been most helpful to your division in World War I. For each one provide the following informatipn:

    • ​​​​​​​Name of Weapon 

    • Size

    • How it is used 

    • Damage it can inflict 

    • Key Facts 

Earth Science with Mrs. Willing & Ms. Meyer:

Due January 12th - Weekly #11 (blue)    


Algebra 1B with Mrs. Oster & Ms. Berry: 


Due Friday, January 12th - Weekly #18 (blue)  

Important Reminders: 


January 2nd - Ineligibility begins 

January 15th - School Closed - Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

January 22nd - 26th - Regents & Midterms week