Learn How to Clear Epson Printer Queue

When a prior document is still in the printer's queue, but you want to use it, it can be annoying. To test whether printing would begin, you attempt to print multiple additional files, but they all line-up. Even when there is no error notice, the status always remains "Printing." Follow the instructions below to learn how to clear Epson printer queue if you're having this problem.


Steps to Clear Epson Printer Queue

Conflicts between background apps may also cause a print process to become stuck. So, to clear the printer queue, simply follow the procedures below.


  1. Cancel the Current Document

In certain cases, the best course of action is to cancel the file that isn't printing properly. Simply follow these procedures in Windows to delete a print job:


  • Click "Settings" and then "Printers."
  • To open the problematic file, select "Open Queue" and then click.
  • Stop the printing job.
  • Go to the "Printer Menu" and cancel all papers if the printer is still unresponsive.


  1. Restart your Devices

Restarting your computer and printer would be the next step if there was still no response. Your operating system or system memory may occasionally become stuck, causing some processes to stall. It's also possible that a system error is the cause of your printer's decreased responsiveness. In this instance, a straightforward reboot will solve the issue. Moreover, you can force Epson printer to print without color ink if you find that there is no ink in ink cartridges.


  1. Use Command Prompt 

The command prompt is the quickest approach to empty the print queue. You only need to type and execute a few commands:


  • Turn off your printer.
  • Launch the Command Prompt as admin, and type the command "net stop spooler" to switch off the print spooler.
  • To erase the printer job queue, type "del C:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS* /Q" and press enter.
  • To switch the print spooler back on, type "net start spooler" and press enter.
  • Now, print a document by turning on your printer.


Hopefully, you find these solutions useful. The solutions outlined above should clear the Epson printer queue, and you can again start printing your document without any issue.