Some Inventions

Benjamin Franklin


Among all the accomplishments Ben Franklin had was developing the postal system in the original colonies. During this time he invented an 'odometer' to measure distances traveled by the postal carriages. This odometer was configured with the carriage wheels to act as a counter by measure each wheel rotation and resulting distance. Most vehicles today all have odometers in them.


As Ben Franklin aged, he discovered that his eyesight began to fail him. In 1784 he requested from his eye doctor to combine both his reading (close up) glasses and his long distance glasses so that he did not have to constantly switch between glasses. He is credited  as being the 'father of bifocals'.

Franklin Stove

One of Ben Franklin's inventions was the 'room stove'. He saw that traditional fireplaces did not take advantage of all the heat generated from a fire efficiently because fireplaces were set in the wall. He created a stove that can be placed in any room that lets the heat from the fire escape from all sides of the stove. This allows for the room to heat up much more efficiently. This invention did not catch on because the fire would quickly go out because there was no chimney for the smoke to go up. However, this provided a template to lead to better stove products.