Classroom Rules


1. We will always give our best effort

  • Students are expected to try their hardest in everything they do

2. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves

  • Students should respect others and their personal space

3. We will keep our classroom tidy and clean

  • students should respect the classroom and the things inside of it

4. We will follow directions

  • students will follow directions at all times

5. We will raise our hands when we have a question or comment

  • students will not blurt out answers or comments in the classroom

     To introduce the classroom rules, I will discuss each rule individually and explain what it means. Students will also repeat the classroom rules daily as a group chant starting on the first day of school and continuing until every student knows and comprehends the rules.

     To support my classroom rules, I will always encourage children to try their best and maintain a positive attitude. I will model what it means to respect your partner and other students in the classroom. To promote keeping the classroom clean, I will refer to everything in the classroom as “ours”. This gives the students a sense of ownership and will entice them to respect our room. Students will be given directions and expected to repeat them back when asked. Oral repetition will help students remember and recall the directions when working. It can also help other students help their friend if they forgot the directions. Lastly, students are expected to take turns and be respectful. Speaking out is a distraction, disrespectful, and can disrupt other student’s learning. To help students with this, I will only acknowledge and call on students with hands raised, encouraging students to always raise their hand before speaking in class.

     The rules I have chosen are simple and to the point. Classroom rules help a classroom to run smoothly, calmly, and with ease. Structure and order are also elements that classroom rules bring into the classroom. Classroom rules will be used and enforced in my classroom ensuring a positive, non-chaotic, organized classroom.

Classroom Expectations:

1. Come to class on time         4. Be considerate

2. Respect all classmates       5. Use your manners

3. follow all school rules     6. Use your inside voice

Informational Documents: