Flexible Seating

       When it comes to seating in our classroom, we will have multiple options. Students will sit at a regular assigned desk most days of the week, with two standing desks included for those who need them. Flexible seating will be a reward in our classroom. Students will earn tickets throughout the week and can cash them in for a different type of seating on Friday’s. Yoga balls, stools, and seat cushions are some of the options that students can choose from. However, students will always have the option when reading or working individually to sit in a scoop chair or floor seat around the room. Students will also be able to wrap elastic stretch bands around their desk legs if they need to remain active while doing seat work. Flexible seating helps students stay engaged, remain active, and changes their learning environment from time to time.

     In my classroom, I want to foster a positive environment. I can establish this by making learning relevant, listening to students concerns, keeping students actively involved, and caring for each individual student’s needs.

  • Links to research on positive effects of flexible seating: