As your teacher, I will provide the best possible environment in which to conduct scientific investigations.  In return, I expect the learner to agree to the following conditions:


 1.  At all times when working in or visiting a science laboratory, the student will use good safety practices.  The student will not engage in horseplay, teasing or other undesirable behavior.  S/he will immediately report all physical and chemical injuries to the instructor.


 2.  The student will know the exact location and operation of all safety equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire blankets, emergency showers, eyewash stations, etc.


 3.  The student will never work unsupervised in the laboratory.  S/he will do only the experiment assigned (or approved) by the laboratory instructor.  S/he will be familiar with the laboratory activity before beginning any procedures.


 4.  The student will ‘accessorize’ her/himself to provide the maximum protection when working in the lab.  This will include wearing safety eyeglasses, a lab apron, closed-toe shoes, rolling back sleeves, pulling back hair and securing loose jewelry.  Points are taken off the lab grade if safety measures are not followed.  Repeated offenses will result in expulsion from the laboratory. No lab make-up will be given for expulsion from lab.


 5.  The student will carry into the lab only those materials necessary to conduct the activity.  Book bags, purses, coats, hats, etc. will be kept in the lecture area.


 6.  The student will NEVER eat, drink, smoke, chew, or apply make-up in the lab.  This includes gum.  While chewing and swallowing, larger quantities of air (and possibly fumes from the lab) are ingested.


 7.  The student will clean up the lab area and wash her/his hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.  Waste materials and used chemicals will be disposed of in the proper containers.


 8.  The student will read the labels on all reagent bottles and containers to make certain they contain the right chemicals for the experiment.  S/he will not hesitate to ask the instructor if at all uncertain of the procedures.


 9.  The student will be familiar with lab activity procedures by completing the prelab assignment.  Admittance into the lab will be based upon successful completion (70% accuracy) of a prelab quiz or homework or class prelab exercises.


10. Failure  to follow the above safety rules will result in receiving no credit for the laboratory activity.


11. All students are required to notify the instructor if they wear contact lenses for eye safety.