Ms. Emilie and Ms. Kristen's 1st Grade Classroom


  • The first half of this year we will be covering the beginning steps of how to add and subtract.
  • Students will be giving homework, quizzes, will be tested on this information, and we will also be giving the students the oppertunity to learn hands on by using blocks, and any other materials.

Reading and Writing

  • The first half of this year we will be reading small books as a group which will then lead to the students reading small books on their own. 
  • The students will start learning how to journal which will be giving practice with their alphabet and sentence structure.


  • Temperature is a part of everyday life, so this will be our first focus in our science class.  This will then lead to parts of nature and animals that live in the nature. 
  • We will be taking Field trips to the zoo, and sometimes we will be having our class outside to experience nature. 


  • Soon to come will be a link to view all homework of the week.

Field Trips

  • As we said we will be taking a field trip to the Zoo.  We do have other field trips planned, but the dates will be posted at a further time.  We want the students to be surprised so we do not want to post where we will be traveling to.

Parent Information

  • We will be posting a link soon with all the parent information you will need for the first half of the year, but also check for updates.
  • Also we will be needing parent volunteers to come on our field trips with us, so please check to see if you are available as soon as the dates are posted.

Fun Activities

  • This year 2 pet fish will be joining our classroom.
  • Once a week we will be planning a game in the classroom that brings fun and learning into our day.
  • Once a month we will be having a day where the students dress up as a certain theme.
  • This year we will also be having career day. Hope All Parents Can Join Us!!