what do penguins eat

          People all aroud the globe think that penguins only eat fish, but the question is, what do penguin really eat? Penguins eat more than just fish.They also eat krill,fish,rock crabs, and squids.emperor penguins mainly eat fish, and krill.Emperor penguins eat alot of fish, and krill to faten up for its long trip to its mating grounds.But now the question is were do emperor penguins get there food? you will think that a emperor penguin have other penguins to get there food for them. But emperor penguins go in the water and get there food themself. What people dont really know is how emperor penguins go after there food.Emperor penguins wait in the back of there prey and wait for the right time to go after it. They scoope there food up in there mouth.

  Click on the video and you will see penguins going into the water looking for food