Journal Prompts for the Month

Writing Prompts 

August Journal Writing Topics:

  • Write about a favorite summer activity or event.
  • What would your dream classroom consist of? Describe what it looks like.  Use lots of detail.
  • If you could own any pet what kind would you choose?  Describe what a day would be like with your pet.
  • If you could write your own book what would it be about?  Who would some of the characters be?
  • It’s August, write about the “hottest” time of your life.
  • Write about a person that means a lot to you and why.
  • If you could create your own summer resort, what would you call it? Where would it be? What type of resort would it be?  Describe it in detail.
  • You have just been elected president of the United States.  Talk about some of the things that you will do to make our country a better place.