Genius Hour

What A Genius Idea!

Genius Hour will be a work in progress this year. Genius Hour is an hour a week where students will work on independent chosen and approved projects. This is not an assignment like expanding learning from a previous lesson, but is rather an assignment that encourages higher thinking, questioning, research and creativity. Students will select a project to research and then create a product from. This will get approved by me before anymore will take place. Then the students will spend this hour researching information about the topic and/or working on the product. Some ideas are: learning to sew, what type of sugar substitute tastes the best in food and why, best formula for a perfect baseball pitch. Basically, anything that interests the students.

The students will research, create a product, and present their product and research to the class once every 9 weeks. The first one will be done in groups of about 4 students in order for me to effectively help with this new activity. After that, students will be working individually or in pairs. The students may work on this at home should they need more time or have a desire to. A lot more information, videos, lists of ideas and so on for Genius Hour will be coming soon.