Language Arts

Spelling Words

Update August 13, 2017

Below are the spelling words for this week. Your child will be tested on 7 of these words, plus 3 words that they have not seen in order to practice the phonics skill on Friday. The phonics skill this week is the short vowels.

1. crop    4. smell   7. spent   10. clock    13. skip

2. plan    5. shut     8. lunch    11. gift       14. swing

3. thing   6. sticky   9. pumpkin   12. class

Your child will have a spelling word list each week which practices specific phonics skills of the week. Your child has an account on where weekly extra practices are located. Please encourage your child to complete these exercises if time permits. I usually will assign about 3-5 activities which are all really games and the students love to play them. There will be a Spelling/Phonics assessment on Friday of each week. Here is where I will post those spelling words and phonics skills.


Update August 13, 2017

Vocabulary Word List (This week is shorter than it will be most weeks)

1. principal - leader of a school

2. strolled - walked slowly

3. proud - pleased with yourself or someone else

4. fine - very nice

5. soared - flew upward

6. worried - uneasy or anxious

7. announced - made known

8. certainly - surely

Something that has been proved to really help build strong readers and comprehension skills is vocabulary practice. Each week your child will receive vocabulary words which he or she will be assessed on. These words will be included in the assignments on SpellingCity. I would also encourage you to make these words a part of your week as you speak to your child. Just find times to incorporate the words throughout daily conversation and experiences. The words and definitions will be listed here for you to reference as well.

Read, Read, and Read Some More!

Update August 13, 2017

We will be reading A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech, Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard, and Miss Nelson Has a Field Day by Harry Allard this week during our ELA block. Below are some fun videos to go along with the lessons. 

Third grade in the state of Florida, really emphasizes Reading and Language Arts! In leiu of Reading homework, this year your child will participate in the 40 book challenge. You will receive more information pertaining to this and there will be information posted here as well. The purpose of this is to get your child reading books he or she is interested in and to expand his or her interests. There will be a small accounability piece in the shape of a minor book summary to be done for each book, but overall the entire purpose will be to get your child reading everyday! Just a note for now; your child must read the book to you or themself, you cannot count a book that you read to your child.

A project like this most definetly has different incentives available! When students complete all of the books for a genre, the student will receieve an award. When students read 20 books (of any for this challenge) he or she will receive an incentive that students will vote on. Once a student completes the entire challenge, he or she will have a pick of any of the feather rewards  for one "Really Rad Reader" incentive. At the end of the year, anyone that has finished the entire 40 book challenge will get to participate in a "Really Rad Reader" ice cream party! So, encourage your student to read every night!

Students will have access to Istation, MobyMax, and potentially MyOn. (MyOn books count for the 40 book challenge!) All of these are different web based programs which help to build literacy skills. I will activate these links as the accounts are set up for your child. 

#1 Focus in Reading for 3rd Grade

The primary focus in Reading in 3rd grade is Comprehension. We will continue to teach and practice the other skills as necessary which lead to comprehension. However, comprehension is the standards based focus for 3rd grade. Please encourage your child to recall what is read when they read to themselves or to you and when you read to your child.