Let's Get Mathematical!


Update - August 13, 2017

This week we will be introducing Multiplication in class! Here are a few videos to help support what we are learning in class. I encourage you to share this with your child throughout the week!

Lesson 1 and Lesson 3 Understanding "equal groups" as Multiplication

Lesson 2 Relate Multiplication to the Array Model (you may want to fast foward to 1 minute and start from there)


Third grade math is a fast-paced blast! Our math moves quickly. Within the first couple of weeks, you will notice your child doing multiplication and division problems. Do not worry, I am there for your child. I do quite a bit of reteaching and reviewing and most of our curriculum loops back around and reinforces these skills. 

We will be using the Engage New York/Eureka Math for 3rd Grade program in conjunction with the District Mathematics curriculum called EnVision. We have a lot to do and cover in Math, so it is in the best interest of your student to be learning and practicing the 0-12 multiplication facts at home with you each night. Here is a cute video to get your child in to it.

I do not assign math homework due to the amount of work completed in school. I will send home the classwork though for you to be able to see and practice with your child should you wish. On this page, each week, you will find videos explaining the concepts that are being taught as well as an extra credit problem. I will post the extra credit problem on Monday (sometimes Tuesday) and he or she must present the answer to me by the end of Friday of that week in order to receive extra credit on the week's assessment. You will also find links to different resources.  A major resource for math that we will use is which is a program that was deveopled that practices the skills to the tee that Eureka Math uses. I will also be opening Prodigy accounts for each student, so he or she can practice math skills in a game format. Istation and MobyMax which the students will be able to access have mathematics componets to them as well.