Welcome to the Science Lab! We will using the district approved Science curriculum as well as incorporating different learning experiences. I am a very avid believer in learning by doing. That being said, I love Science experiements and projects. This year will be aiming to complete 1 STEAM/STEM project/experiment per week. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) We will also be completing a formal science project as a class in order to teach the scientific method and the process in which to conduct a science experiment. This is to prepare student for the Science Fair in 4th grade. 

Often I will ask for random (and sometimes weird) items to be sent in for the STEAM/STEM projects. These can be found on the Classroom Wish List page. I will also post funny, educational, and somtimes random science video links here. I encourage you and your students to view them and see what your child learns or knows. Sometimes I will also post links to different vitritual experiement websites as well.

The first thing we will do to kick off the year will be to study the Scientific Process and the Scientific Method. This prepares students for both the 4th grade science fair projects and to complete our STEM/STEAM activities.