It is written....

We will be using several different writing programs together in order to create a comprehensive and engaging writing program. We will be using the Center for Collaborative Classroom's Being a Writer program, the district's writing program, as well as Journey's Writing program. We will also be learning CURSIVE handwriting. The focus in third grade when it comes to writing is understanding the process of writing, different types of writing as well as producing pieces of writing, and to begin learning cursive handwriting. 

I like my classroom to be what is considered "blended" which means I really like to integrate technology. That being said, most of the writing pieces will be typed on the computer, cursive writing will obviously be handwritten, and when I have students do free writing or journaling that will take place by hand as well. This is to encourage the practice of using both paper and a computer. 

Students will begin a digital portfolio this year.  The purpose of this is to help your child maintain a collection of works that he or she has done as he or she progresses through school. This will be for all subjects. Projects, writting pieces, some tests, and a multitude of other things will go into this digital portfolio. At the end of the year, you will be able to take this digital portfolio and continue to add to it as your child goes through school.